Information Technology

Information Technology

You may decide that keeping your business records manually is not for you. If
so, it is vital that you choose the most appropriate computer accounting
package for the precise requirements of your business. There are many
products on the market and each has areas of excellence and limitations. The
key is to ensure that your chosen software is strong in the areas which are most
important to you.
We can assist you to find the best solution at the most competitive price. Since
we have seen many different combinations of business and accountancy
software, we will have a clear understanding of which package will be suitable
for your business. Our detailed working knowledge and experience covers the leading software solutions.

The Internet

As we progress through the new century the impact of the internet and world
wide web will be felt by all of us. Failing to adapt to the new marketing and
trade opportunities could threaten the very existence of your business.
We are committed to ensuring that our clients are at the forefront of the new
technology and are not left behind. Our internet and messaging division
provides advice and training on the world wide web and email.
Additionally, we can help you with:

Domain Name Registration
Site Hosting and Email
Website Design
E-commerce solutions


The proprietor of any small business will tell you that life is simple until the day
when you take on your first employee, for it is then that you find what
"red-tape" really means. You become an unpaid tax collector and may even be
fined for accidentally getting it wrong or sending forms in late.
Actually, dealing with employee payroll should not be particularly difficult. The
Inland Revenue provide each employer with comprehensive manuals,
flowcharts, help-cards, tax tables, free pay tables, national insurance tables and
a stack of forms ready for completion and submission.
The problem is that, quite rightly, most business people do not have the time
nor the inclination to wade through all of the paperwork given to them. Nor do
hey have the time to perform all the necessary calculations and complete all
the legal forms simply to be able to pay the weekly wages.
We will be pleased to relieve you of the burden. You can get on with running
your business in the knowledge that experienced professionals are making sure
that the payroll is calculated properly and that your business complies with the
law. We will deal with the Inland Revenue on your behalf and make sure that all
forms are completed accurately and are submitted by the due date.


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